Q. I have never sung in a group and I don't read music. Can I still come?

A. Certainly! No choral experience is necessary. Many of our members do not read music. Learning tracks and sheet music will enable you to rehearse your music at home.


Q. What are the 4 parts and how do I know what part I should sing?

A. The parts are bass, baritone, lead (melody) and tenor. You will be given a voice assessment to determine your vocal range and the part you might sing.


Q. What style of music do you sing?

A. We sing a cappella (no instruments) 4 part harmony. Our music ranges from ballads and show tunes to gospel and country.  


Q. What happens at a rehearsal?

A. After a brief welcome at 6:45, we may have physical and vocal warm ups to prepare us for singing. Our director will select several pieces of music for the evening, some of which will be new to us and others which will be a review of our repertoire. There may be a break for announcements and an opportunity to socialize with members. Rehearsal ends at 9:00pm.


Q. How will I know if this is the right group for me?

A. If you find yourself tapping your foot in time to the rhythm, go home with a smile on your face or catch yourself humming one of our songs the next day....chances are you've caught the bug!


Q. After my visit, if I decide to join, what will be the process?

A. On your 2nd night with us, you will be given a membership package which will explain the process. You will be assigned a buddy who will be able to help with any questions.