From our Audiences


I wanted to thank you and the ladies for once again adding your vocal virtuosity to the Brockville Culture Days.  I always enjoy the looks on people's faces when you start singing.  At first they seem surprised and then they break out into big smiles. I was particularly busy this year so I was only able to catch you when you stopped at Buell St.   The Thousand Islanders contribution is, as always, greatly appreciated. I am sure I will see you somewhere around the downtown the future and if not I'm sure I will hear you!                                                                                                                     Russ D.                                              

From our Members

Through participation in the Christmas Voices program I fulfilled a promise to myself to return to singing after years of absence. I fell in love with the four part a cappella barbershop harmony. Through personal hurdles including the challenge of a previously damaged vocal apparatus, I persevered and joined the chorus full time. The members were an incredible support group. We have fun doing what we love - it's infectious! 

                                                                                                                Mary Ellen, Member for 6 years