From our Audiences

The Thousand Islanders Chorus is a most outstanding group of ladies, who obviously enjoy sharing their gifted voices throughout our Eastern Ontario Region...most certainly we at St. Andrew's church have been most privileged to have them perform on our stage,  & look forward to many more performances.  Judith C.

From our Members

I have been blessed to have found the TI chorus. Within this group, I have found a group of friends who have challenged me to better myself in this craft. Although I had no barbershop experience at the time, with the support of all members, I have gained vast amounts of knowledge. The women in this group, in addition to our wonderful director,  are brimming with information and are eager to pass this on to new members. Thank you Thousand Islanders for encouraging me to move out of my comfort zone and fall in love with singing all over again!                

                                                                                                                   Debra, Member since Oct. 2016

It is an extreme honour to have a hobby as a member of the Thousand Islanders Chorus. The leadership of the talented director and assistants and the section leaders provides a positive learning experience. A half hour drive to rehearsals seems minimal compared to the pleasure derived from being there! It’s always fun to be with a group who emanate the feeling of family.The members encourage one another to face challenges singing at competitions, local venues, and even in quartets! Somehow they manage to prescribe and administer great doses of ‘courage’ to help one do her best. Four-part harmony is not just ‘music to the ears’  ...  it is ‘music to the soul’! 
                                                                                                                                                        Ruth,  Member for 11 years