Within the Chorus we encourage the formation of quartets.  It is a well known fact that the more members of a chorus who are involved in quartets, the greater will be the quality of the chorus as a whole.  Becoming a member of a quartet allows one to  improve vocal techniques and to have fun with three other friends. 

Please Stay Tuned

  Cally Tripp, Gidget Kaert, Christine Schroeder, Debbie Gay

Occasionally, after Wed. night rehearsal, 4 friends get together to "quartet" a song or two and "fix"

a note here and there!  One night, these 4 friends did just that and enjoyed it so much, they became

"Please Stay Tuned". They would love to provide entertainment for your special event whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas party. 

Contact: Gidget: 613-345-0628 or Debbie: 613-340-9427 for performance info.